The Knapparei – our in-house shop

In our little in-house shop fine delicacies can be found: from cheese, sausage and spreads, jam and honey, butter and milk to pasta and rice, vinegar and oil to ready-made dishes in a jar – of course there is always a vegetarian, and sometimes also a vegan meal to choose from. There are also non-alcoholic drinks and a well-stocked wine cabinet. Since regionality and seasonality are very important to us, we source the products almost exclusively from regional producers and partners.

Open times

Knapparei and the coffee bar are open daily from around 8am to around 6pm. Sometimes we might open a little earlier and in the evening be around for you a little longer. If you can’t find us, you are welcome to help yourself in the Knapperei. You have our complete trust.

Speciality in a jar

The dishes in a jar are prepared in turn by chefs from different establishments in and around Lech. With  Bernhard Resch, Ariane Scheffknecht, Wolfgang Mätzler and others, a few awards land in the jars. Because the environment is important to us and we have set ourselves the goal of using as little packaging as possible and avoiding plastic; other products are also filled into jars. In addition, the products are available in the smallest possible quantities, so that at the end of the day large amounts of food do not have to be thrown away.

Partners & producers 

With Metzgerei Walser from Vorarlberg, we have a partner for whom animal welfare and sustainability are very important concerns. Wolfgang Mätzler from FairKocht brings nature into the jar and offers honest-to-goodness cuisine that tastes good and at the same time shows the body what is good for it. Ariane Scheffknecht also relies on high-quality and regional products and from the Gourmethotel Rote Wand there is “Feines aus dem Glas” by Bernhard Resch, who has been serving gourmet creations at award-winning levels for many years.

In our Knapparei you will also find home cooking from the village butcher Hagen as well as numerous products from Staud’s and the Holzapfel Prandtauerhof winery: from delicious jams to fruity chutneys and pickles to wonderful wines. We obtain delicacies such as muesli and snacks from the Gutscher grain mill in Lower Austria.