Your hosts –
family Walch

Together with his wife, Conny, Maximilian Walch took over his parents’ business in 2021 and turned the bed and breakfast hotel into an aparthotel. Bridging the gap between dignified luxury and cosy ambience was done with ease, not least because the Walchs not only have hospitality in their blood but also craftwork. Qualified interior designer Maximilian is continuing with the Raum & Einrichtung Walch business, designing and equipping houses and apartments with beautiful fabrics, furniture and high-quality floors. Daughter-in-law Conny is also a host with heart and soul and family roots. Guests are pleased that Gertrud and Herbert Walch will continue to actively support the next generation in the coming years – after all, Knappaboda is a house with a 40-year tradition.

By the way, it was the miners who gave the house its name (miners = Knappa; floor = Boda). Those men who, as far back as the 15th Century, were carrying out their work in the mountain tunnels of the Arlberg.